Bearing in Humility, Speaking in Love

Its perfectly ironic that I can be lulled into thinking myself more cognizant than those who appear doggedly fixed on their own, individual perspectives. Does not this idea of superiority indicate my perspective to be of the same dogged nature? In the frankest of moments, its clear to me that I am still immensely immature in regards to all states of sapient consciousness. Pride is evil. It paints the friend as an admirer, and the acquaintance as an unscrupulous pupil. A friend should be regarded as a friend; and an acquaintance should be likened to an unread book, full of mysteries and potential wonders. If the acquaintance is revealed to be insipid, listen to them anyway. Doing so will bolster patience and comprehension. Speak only when prudent. If the Spirit of God compels us in our speech, that which is said will be spoken with purpose, not idly as is the circumstance with vanity.

In this, we must trust our speech and bearing to be guided; for no amount of persistent reasoning will convince a man of subtle truths he knows nothing about and is not given to considering. In all things, I’ve often fancied my own will to be the helmsman, directing all courses and outcomes. Nothing could be further from the truth. When in the presence of others, two practices alone have yielded good fruits: bearing in humility, and speaking in love. To God must be left the planting of all seeds, for his understanding is complete, his sovereignty infallible. Trust will serve us well. Most everything is beyond our control, but God’s purpose is immanent in the world. It can be known, in part, by we who still the voice of derisive judgment: the orator of ignorance for all who might otherwise understand each other.

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