I like the blue and the gray
my joy upon a sunny day

Yet soul has fainted
full of pain
It stumbles much oer sharp terrain

I do implore the day dispel
these thoughts that gnash the soul

So rife they are with fear and grief
the truth seems less than whole

The blue sends forth its tender rays
the gray takes on my woe

But neither aspect of the day
can cure the haunted soul

2 thoughts on “Chasm

  1. Dearest Simon, How well you express yourself and your emotions ! Writing is good for the soul….I love you very, very much and trials while not good for the moment can make for growth and stability, as you well know. You have my empathy. Walt Wangerin also wrote about ‘ the dark night of the soul ‘ ……. Hope we enjoy our Italian and Japanese guests this week along with Caleb. How bless we are ! Thanks be to God ! Nana Knox


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