Drink at the Fountain

The Apostle has said
“You ought be as I am”
Without bondage, attachment,
no limbs in the sand

Surely, my state would be careless and free
Yet how would I empathize with any creature like me?

To know vulnerability
the pain of cold loss
Must I not pass this gauntlet before I take up my cross?

To die to the world is a thing quite profound
but to partake of its fruit, one’s mind must be sound

Perhaps we were Life

Perhaps we were fish
adrift in the sea

Perhaps we were tadpoles
when life was yet free

Perhaps we were geckos
no places to be

And perhaps we were sauropods
with brains like a pea

Perhaps we were mammoths
with long woolly coats

Perhaps we were sabers
who cut many throats

Perhaps we were wolves
with puppies to dote

And perhaps we were lemurs
with soft tails like rope

Up through the eons
our paths may have crossed

And there are none who can tell the memories we may have lost

Yet apart from all that
we live life anew

Perhaps we were fish
but now
I’m here, with You