Will to Action

Action is the key
From action do we flee
Ineptitude strikes each man in his turn

Though it makes a demand
by action, we stand
and by action the fetters are burned

Pointed action of body and mind do attest
to strive is far better than to coddle one’s rest

So before you are taken by death and decay
before the ashen Keeper with you has his way…

Direct each organ to work for the Good
Every man of strong will has been what he would


We created a matrix
You and I

Its tendrils make me want to die

The bramble I once tore away
from round my heart
in quick decay…

You seeded it to sprout again
Although your hand knew not its sin

The bramble fills my life with pain
It makes my soul a gnarled terrain

There’s grief and anger within my rind
There’s molten lead lodged in my spine

I cannot even find the tears
to wash away the lead that sears

I’m despondent in my agony
I cannot think, or make mine eyes to see

And yet…
And yet..
I can’t blame you

You grasp not the honesty or faith that I do

I should have been wiser
I should have kept firm

Yet because of my folly
it is now, I must burn