The Ten-Thousand Things

There once was a greybeard who looked at the world
“The ten-thousand things!” he spake, lips unfurled

He knew that his number was silly and trite
but a Truth he embedded in his verbage that night

Every bit of nature has presence in its time
but the ten-thousand things change their shape..
as a rhyme

The leaf that today is trod underfoot
in a day might be burned and turned into soot

But the leaf is a leaf for today and all time
and the soot will be soot in its day..for all time

The learned might name the greybeard a dunce
but every leaf, every frog
is ten-thousand things..
All at once

Many Voices

Sitting in my solitude
Her voice came true and clear
A gentle, lilting laughter
Rose up to my ear

She’s the joyful water
Happy to be and flow
Upon her steady presence
The other voices sow

The second voice was solemn
His groans, deep and broad
He’s the mighty wind
Blowing oer the sod

The other voices chimed in turn
Sowing in their song

The trill of birds
Much like words
Cooing all along

I drew them forth, voice by voice
A tonic within my soul
The joyful water
The mighty Wind
Together, One and Whole