Enter Grace

Peace feels mysterious
Like a half-recollected dream
or the memory of a childhood friend

It seems natural, and fitting
yet unfamiliar, and strange
like a half-recollected dream
or the memory of a childhood friend

It feels otherworldly
apart from the cares of the mind
yet at one with creation…

like a stream that finds its way over land

Easily it might be lost
but it is never far

Wherever you may go
it is to this side, and that

A Tentative Acquaintance

What is peace?
Is it objectivity within the mind?
a stellar perspective, no longer confined?

Is it the power to choose the right and the good?
the will to embrace the “ought to” and “should”

Is it the assurance of those who love us dearly?
the solid connections that dwell here, so clearly

The nature of peace, I cannot define
Beyond mine comprehension, so long as I call it “mine”

I think, given time
my acquaintance will grow stronger

By seeking
I’ll come nigh to peace, and her partners

The Brimming Cup

How shall we describe the good?
I think it oft misunderstood

On forest floors
the leaves will rot
and furnish life where once was naught

But human hands will snatch at straws
when bales are held within their claws

The first is of prosperity
the next, full of austerity

And yet the good is not perceived
Its truth is mocked by heinous deeds

With frenzied feet
the human gropes
to satiate his idle hopes


Clutching but what is their due
the right to life and freedom true

Each humble man will brim his cup
In blissful rest, his lips will sup

The Invitation

A thicket sprouts
with bramble sharp
encroaching fast around the heart

It strangles there
my every joy
and weak I am to halt its ploy

There is no front
but calm within
to hack its thorns and rout the din


when striving ebbs
by Eloi’s grace
the mind grows dim and slows its pace

All murmurs gone
like unto smoke
his comfort stirs and dons the yoke

A burden light
is shouldered then
Some gentle load brings rest within

Come unto me
spake once the Lord
The deeps of pain, I’ll see you ford